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Handmade and Painted Mandala Baskets- Turquoise

Regular price $20.00
pHandwoven little baskets with love from Bali, Indonesia. These baskets consist of a beautiful turquoise colour on both halves of the baskets. With a hand painted mandala on the very top of the box and also on the sides and one in each corner on the top lid. This is really a subtle yet stunning addition to any home. These baskets can be used in any room of your home for a beautiful display and also storage. A new found love we have discovered, perfect for bathrooms and filling them up all with your cosmetics you wish not to have lying around.

Three sizes are available small, medium, large. Or you can by the full set of 3 which fit into one another snug just like babushka dolls.

- Small: width- 17cm x height- 13cm

- Medium: width- 22cm x height- 16cm

- Large: width- 25cm x height- 16cm

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