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Wildwood Collective-Vintage Moroccan Berber Kilim Rug

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 About this kilim rug:

This is one the smallest rugs of our kilim range. Its quite simplistic, which allows the deep purple to become the statement of this rug. Bursts of red and golden coloured patterns throughout this small rug, really gives it a warm humble feel. Made from a blend of 100% wool and threaded cactus silk.

 Dimensions: 1370 x 800cm 

About Moroccan kilim rugs:

The high Atlas mountains region are where you will usually find this style of kilim rug. Our personal favourite!! Kilims are known by their intricate lattice work, thick pile bands and ability to use both sides. As the Moroccans say 'summer and winter sides'. Kilim rugs also feature ancient and traditional designs that were passed down the generations. Each rug tells a story and whats so magic about these beautiful rugs is that you will never find two rugs the same. A beautiful vintage authentic piece to add to any room in your home. **Please note: Although hand picked by us personally to minus any imperfections, please keep in mind that these rugs are vintage some ageing over 100 years old. There may be some small differences in each rug as they are handmade, but its all part of the charm! if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask. 

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