About us

Wildwood Collective- Where tribal meets tropical.

Wildwood Collective is a unique bohemian & adventurous lifestyle brand. Inspired by far-out places!! This collection embodies vintage treasures, bohemian/ gypsy patterns and textures. While still having a creative beachy, island bungalow home vibe! Inspired by the love of travel, a gypsy creative lifestyle and colour & beauty. All this inspiration and passion has lead to creating this collection. Most of this collection is gathered from small little stalls from bazars in India, the souks of Marrakech, high up in the Atlas Mountains and to the tropical villages through the Indonesian rice fields. 
All from friendly locals with small businesses. They always wear a lovely glowing smile and have so much happiness and gratitude that we are so passionate about what they do, and the  support of their small business.  This beautiful collection has been brought back to Australia to share with anyone who shares the same love & passion for bright colour and beauty. Thank you for your support by looking at our page, to help us to continue the search to these far-out places to bring you more of our Wildwood Collective treasures.  xx

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